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New monitor

Post by Yodeebe » Sun Nov 02, 2008 2:07 pm

I reckon all you on here have got to be the best people to ask where the best place is to look for a new/2ndhand large flatscreen monitor?

the ship that needs a new windscreen is a minimac. the plug required has 2 banks of 9 pins in square formation, and a horizontal tab with 2 pins above & 2 pins below. Its different from my G4 monitor plug, presumeably as this also carries 2 USB connections.

does this connection have a name?

Is there any advantage/dissadvantage with using an RGA with the adapter?

the (poorly) screen we're using at the moment also has a scart connection, which is essential for the video player (5 yr old on board), but the only screens i've seen with scart & RGA are televisions.

we're a non tv household, so tv isn't necessary, should i just get a tv anyway, or can you get monitors with scart?

POoC world?

Oo bay?

Tescoo? (saw a large flat tv with RGA and scart for £300.)
Sorry, but I'm a complete novice when it comes to screens - sound is more my thing.

around £200/300 budget, & we're in Cornwall.

Thanks, Jody. :?

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Post by JensAyton » Sun Nov 02, 2008 5:55 pm

The connector in question is a DVI-I connector, which carries both digital (DVI) and analogue (VGA) data. For a flat panel, a DVI connection is preferable, but VGA or composite video through an adaptor will work.

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Post by JohnnyBoy » Sat Nov 08, 2008 2:07 pm

Hi Jody,

Yes, the connector you're describing sounds like a DVI connector.

I too have a Mac Mini and the display I'm using is a 20" Iiyama with a resolution of 1600x1200. It's 4-by-3 shaped rather than widescreen, but because everyone else seems to hanker after widescreen monitors, these 4:3 units can be found very cheaply on eBay.


That's where I bought mine and it cost about £118 including P&P. Just to compare, it has about 83% of the screen area of a 24-inch 1920x1200 monitor, but was less than half the price. So, they're worth searching for...

Hope this helps!

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