Wiki OXP List - a request

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Wiki OXP List - a request

Post by Diziet Sma » Tue Dec 24, 2013 6:05 am

In the course of adding the Medical Anaconda to the OXP list for Ranthe, I noticed something odd.

It turned out that two entries had been somehow mangled.

A duplicate Fireball entry had been made (in category Equipment, not Ships) which seemed to combine part of the title for the Long Range Scanner (and linked to the LRS download) whilst the Entry for the LRS had its' category changed to Ships, and the title only had the word 'Scanner'.. also, the link pointed to a non-existent page on this board. - I've now corrected the problems

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful adding or editing entries, folks.. and use the "Preview" button to check everything is correct before saving!

In fact, I recommend doing what I do.. copy an entry to use as a template, paste it into your favourite text editor, make your changes there, and only when satisfied that everything is correct, paste it into the list and Preview it before committing the change.
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