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Re: Visibility of other ships

Post by ralph_hh »

Oh, whow. That ZygoUgo's Cinematic Skies really is worth to look at. However, I found it very hard to find the ships between that million of stars. So, I reduced the number of stars by that multiplier 5 instead of 20, that's ok. Combined with a new shipset texture from page 1 of this thread - perfect.

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Re: Visibility of other ships

Post by Zieman »

Before messing too much with gamma settings & such, it might be a good ide to check out the black levels:
The other adjustment tests and tips may be good, but at least on my main 'monitor' (HDTV) I had to make compromises to retain acceptable sharpness, colour vividity and still get dark greys as greay, not black & light greys as greys, nor white.

Background here: ... -amd-gpus/

Found about this here:
...and keep it under lightspeed!

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