Help with lovecasts/deposed/nova missions

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Help with lovecasts/deposed/nova missions

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I'm somehow stuck in galaxy 4. Before I jumped there I had Lovecats and Deposed installed. In Lovecats I got as far as to shuttle the gal to her sweetheart, in Deposed I transported the former president or whatever. Then I got told to go to Dicebe, but when I went there nothing happened. Then, nothing in both missions for a very long time. (No nova mission too.) I suspected a conflict, disabled Lovecats, nothing. So I erased everything in the savefile that looked like deposed. Right, I caught again the mission to transport the president. Then, nothing again - not even the call to Dicebe.

I haven't installed any new addons. (I do have a lot of OXPs installed though.) Maybe it's got something to do with the ship - I switched to a Caduceus recently? Otherwise I keep busy by flying navy reserve missions and earning my keep as assassin...

The savefile reads

Code: Select all

Not sure where the data for lovecats is.

Regards, F.

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