AHh The old Releas'es

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AHh The old Releas'es

Post by Alex » Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:18 am

Is 'releas'es a word? Do you know what it means? If yes.. It's a word.
So 1.84
Got it today as have been away for awhile, some strange planet where they thought I was a first version Witcher?
That's a story not of this Ooniverse.
Couple of hours playing 1.84 starting as Jamison. Jump to Zaonce
Ye with big YUP.
Though may take a few lost weeks to get a proper lost init.

I totally agree with Princess Z. 1.82 was a game killer for me, so stayed with 1.80 with 1.72 to dip into.

Noo for my winge;

I remember fondly of helping some wayward traveller of their burdensome weight.
There would be cargo to pick up, not just some dissolving alloys flying away at stupidly high speeds.

Is this some oxper I have or has it been wrote
"You shall not help the over burdened NPC, Just chase worthless dissolving alloys "
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