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For Jamisons and oldies alike

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 12:42 pm
by Alex
Right kiddies;
Ask you grandies "What is a space hopper? and how many colours did it come in?" Then ask "What is a 'fad'? "

Elite and it's off spring. Not a 'fad' but rapidly became a platform commercial game.

Oolite and it's 'up' grades. Not a fad. AND still free for the price of your ISP. Ahh. Once downloaded. NO internet required, unless you don't have the extras, which are free. Just your ISP charge.

ONE big thing to remember. This game ran on 64KB of RAM with a 8Khz? cpu. Don't know what the 'BUS' clock speed was then. That was old computer stuff, yous with the black glass screens that cause you to walk past people that you know without seeing them won't know that.

How about this while you walk and read.

48 year old heavy goods driver 20 years on the job. 44 tonnes, 18 wheels. 7hr driving at 70mph. Gets a call from his 7 year old grand child on his black screen (smart phone). First in 3 months.

Is he going to answer it and not see the little silent electric car carrying a family of four change lane in front of him without them realising he is almost twice their speed, because they are busy with their black screens. And think the daft bloke walking for more fuel in the emergency lane needs more space. OOPS.

Noo. That sort of story is no fun if real.

This is Oolite. It's fun. I can crash the heaviest cargo ship into anything I please. I can modify my ship to be oooger booger oober and blow up the whole 8 galaxies.

That is Oolite. written open so that you can make what you want.

Why try to take out the energy bomb? apart from the Q bomb being more fun to watch while trying to run away?


Are all you serious proggers trying hard to suck the fun out of this game in the name of real ity?

Think; Your 12 and want a fun open game where your the captain of a space ship. Have to trade and shoot to build a better ship. And that is that.
I don't want any reality. Just fun for awhile.

For all you future RSI thumb victims. Blame your inattention and black screen. I may be old, silly by most I know. But not an image on a black screen. How do you know the perso na your talking with is an actual person?

For them old enough. Ye paradoxical. For them not old enough to know the actual meaning, Don't use your phone. Visit an actual library and look up. You'll be amazed at how many words you've been duped about. Just look. And learn.

By the way:
No such thing as "Good old days" If you lived them you'd know that.