Manual install vs in game manager

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Re: Manual install vs in game manager

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stranger wrote:
Fri Apr 27, 2018 12:42 am
I have opposite view on this matter :D
Having vast systems with flight time approx 10...15 min on hyperjump instead vanilla 1...1.5 min + dangers such Deep Space Pirates + balanced unique markets for secondary ports you have new type of game activity - in-system flights. Efforts/risks in this case are comparable with interstellar flights.
No, we're close to agreement. My example of "for little effort/low risk" was for the vanilla (or mostly) game. Once you add in increased dangers and considerable distances, distant stations CAN be as different as other system stations and still be balanced. But even main stations in other systems have somewhat close prices to each other. You probably shouldn't be able to get 50+ TC of something for <10 credits each that can be sold at the main station for 80+ credits each unless it is the reward for a mission/activity/campaign.

There's so much about many OXPs/OXZs and even the main game that just bugs me, so I usually make changes...
Interstellar space can end up busier than many systems. (Behemoths+Galactic Navy I'm looking at you!) Even the core game post-v1.7-something progressively adds more Thargoids and/or traders till you escape or die.
Almost no 3rd party stations are "exclusive", so a high tech system can end up with 5+ 3rd party stations if you're not careful. That can make in-system activities far more profitable. One can game-balance the knowns, but it is almost unknown how many stations will be in a system in advance...with some being purely random in placement, there one visit and gone the next!
Cargo Contracts can be laughably easy in the plain vanilla game to impossible with add-ons, and that's without changing the cargo contract .js script in any way.

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