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The price of cheating!

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 5:41 pm
by kcallis
I occasionally make use of OoCheat to add credits. This morning, I had just received a butt-kicking by some pirates and had a crap load of repairs. I was not paying close enough attention and hit the repair all option on OoCheat. I have never tried to do that, because I get credits to pay for some of the major repairs and the others I earn credits to make the repairs.

So I hit the repair all, and going to the F5 screen is seems like everything is repaired. Ok, I don't have to create all of the credits and life should be good! Wrong!!!! I disembarked from the hanger and I hear (before I even noticed visually) that something was wrong. Once I looked at the HUD, I could see that nothing was working. Every equipment item was dead, no energy was available, and was stomped thoroughly as soon as combat came my way. Thank goodness for the injectors!

So how can I edit my files so either the damage can either be fix via the file or set the damages as damaged and I can get the ship repaired normally?