Problems with my packs.

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Amen Brick
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Problems with my packs.

Post by Amen Brick »

Hey people.

Yeah, the minute hand of my interests swung away from Oolite. Still play it, but just not as much.

Sorry to hear some of my packs have problems. Please forgive me, they were the work of a noob!

If anyone has taken the time to correct them, let me know (or link to a dl site) and i'll be happy to compare and contrast where I went wrong. I really thought I'd sorted out that exhaust problem though!

I'll get back into Oolite some time shortly.



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Intergalactic Spam Assassin
Intergalactic Spam Assassin
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Post by DaddyHoggy »

Good to see that you're still around AB!

Merry Christmas.
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