Crashes on Laptop

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Crashes on Laptop

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I'm running the pc-installer version dated 23rd January 06, on Windows XP Professional. It works fine on my home system, but crashes immediately after leaving the station on my laptop (well, immediately after the circly exit thing has finished :-) I've tried turning reduced detail to on, and also running in 640 x 480, but it makes no difference. According to Windows update all the hardware drivers etc are up to date.

The full specs of the laptop are as follows:

HP Compaq nx9005
Mobile AMD Athlon XP2500+
Radeon Mobility graphics (IGP 320M)
Conexant AC-Link Audio

Anything else you need to know? The laptop is dual boot with Slackware Linux being the other OS. I'm not sure if I've got hardware OpenGL working on that though, but I will ultimately give it a go on Linux.

I'd be interested in any ideas that would get it running on XP (yeah, I'm lazy :-)



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Post by winston »

Being a relatively new system, you will need to get the proprietary ATi Linux drivers to get 3d acceleration on your Slackware partition. You can get these from the ATi website. (Don't ask me about installation though, I use nvidia).

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