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Post by Star Gazer »

Rxke wrote:...when it happes, for a moment I thought it was some gateway-thingy to another galaxy or so... :lol:
...that's a great idea... ...is it scriptable?
Very funny, Scotty, now beam down my clothes...

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Post by TGHC »

Rxke wrote:I just discovered crashing into a boulder (and destroying it) awards you a killpoint, is that supposed to happen? (I'd think not...)
Shooting Asteroids gives you 1CR, not sure about boulders.

I can also confirm that witch injecting into an Asteroid is not good for your health
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Post by neilplus »

TGHC wrote:I can also confirm that witch injecting into an Asteroid is not good for your health
Ramming a Rock Hermit whilst in Torus Jump Drive (the 'J' key) is also a bad plan. Guess which lazy pilot used to rely on being mass-locked by mining ships?

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Post by Rxke »

TGHC wrote:Shooting Asteroids gives you 1CR, not sure about boulders.
nonono, I'm not talking about credits, but kills. The stuff you amass to reach ELITE status.

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more problems with update version

Post by i_never_existed »

Ok, I have only just downloaded the thing, I have played it for 2 minutes and these are 2 problems I have encountered so far...

1. In the old version there was a little circle showing either the planet, sun, docking station, or beacon... has this been removed, or am I missing a new button to turn it on? (think it's something like compass, right??)

2. I keep flying through the beacons that are situated in front of the docking stations (the one which helps you line up to dock).

But other than that it seems to be working fine... I can't see any visual differences yet... and clues what they are. Thought I could see my own ship from outside now?

oh... also, when in small window, and pressing 6 for map, the mouse works fine to chose which planet I wish to jump to... but when changing to full screen version, the mouse dissapears.

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