key_autodock at rock hermits

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key_autodock at rock hermits

Post by Anonymissimus »

The behavior feels buggy to me. Sometimes I get a message about docking instructions uploaded and nothing else, other times the docking sequence runs as well. IIRC a single time it also actually worked, that is, I was also "put to sleep", so I immediately dock in real life time.
What is the supposed be behavior, same as main stations (it works for those) ?
If that's not the case, why is it different for rock hermits then ? Especially since it works with me being forced to watch the whole sequence, when using key_autopilot, which works for both main stations and hermits ?

This is current master/1.82, self compiled.
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Re: key_autodock at rock hermits

Post by another_commander »

Thanks for the report, it seems there was indeed a small problem there.

Fast docking for non-main stations is disabled by default, but can be set via the allows_fast_docking shipdata key or the Station JS class allowsFastDocking property. So, for a normal hermit the answer is no, it will not allow fast dock. In this case, pressing Shift+C will just function as a normal docking computer. The problem was that the key for fast docking was not handled correctly and it kept being registered multiple times. So, if you held it down just for a split second it would start the docking sequence, but if you held it down just a fraction of a second longer, it would register as another keypress, resulting in DC deactivation. That's why sometimes the docking computer was starting and others not. The one time that it worked, it must have been a case of a hermit allowing fast docking.

Anyway, this should be fixed with commit 6c14ffa.

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