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Re: MandoTech Industries, Inc.

Post by pagroove »

Nice ship Mandoman. The other ship I have flying from your ship factory is the Comet. How long/big is this one? Looks like a cruiser. Certainly bigger than an Anaconda I think?
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Re: MandoTech Industries, Inc.

Post by mandoman »

No, I don't think it's quite as big as an Anaconda. Anaconda measures 170m long, while the JadeShadow is about 150ms. The JadeShadow does out do it in width, with 86ms, compared to the Anaconda's 75m width. Once again, though, the Anaconda is taller than the JadeShadow, at 60ms, to 33ms. I would put it more into the class of a Python, though there are differences there as well.

The JadeShadow is going to be very fast, with a lot of fire power, kind of like the Millennium Falcon. Mara Jade was an excellant mechanic, as well as a great pilot, and the JadeShadow is a much newer ship than the Millenium Falcon. I tried not to make it exceed the Falcon, thhogh in the books I think it was a better, faster ship. That's one of the hard parts of making ships from other Ooniverses, they don't always fit perfectly into the Oolite Ooniverse. :)
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