[WIP] NPC Energy Units

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[WIP] NPC Energy Units

Post by Ngalo »

Having made N-Shields, I realised it's a bit unfair to give NPCs proper Military Shield Enhancers without any chance of an Extra or Naval Energy Unit.

Download this OXZ to fix that.

Energy units are allocated based on accuracy and equipment; you shouldn't see anyone with a Naval Energy Unit unless you also have Skilled NPCs OXP.

Note that exclusion of ships which already have 'simulated' EEUs or NEUs in their shipdata depends on a list in the script. Currently this list is:

Code: Select all

this._alreadyGotOne = {
			"cobramk1-alt": "EQ_NPC_ENERGY_UNIT",
			"jaguar_company_patrol": "EQ_NPC_NAVAL_ENERGY_UNIT",
			"jaguar_company_patrol_scuffed": "EQ_NPC_NAVAL_ENERGY_UNIT",
			"jaguar_company_ship_splinter": "EQ_NPC_NAVAL_ENERGY_UNIT"
If you know of any other shipdata keys which need to be on this list, please post them here.
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Re: [WIP] NPC Energy Units

Post by Rustem »


1. This ships has single energy unit or simulated the Extra Energy Unit(EEU) or may be awarded NPC-EEU?:
contractor-pirate : 7
caduceus-alpha : 5.8
caduceus-omega : 5.8
kirin-hunter : 6.0
kirin-m-hunter : 6.0
kirin-xm-pirate : 6.0
kirin-cv : 5.5
rhs_big_boss_supercobra_spacelane_shipset : 7
rhs_big_boss_supercobra_spacelane_AP_shipset : 7
kirin-m-police : 6.0
viper-interceptor : 6
griff_viper_interceptor_alt : 6
The format of data: shipKey : energy_recharge_rate

2. This code working?:

Code: Select all

this.NPC_energy_equipmentDamaged = function(equipment) {...}
It is experimental OXP?: worldScripts.NPC_Equipment_Damage.

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