Indestructible Injectors OXZ

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Indestructible Injectors OXZ

Post by Redspear »

As discussed here, an oxz to grant Witchdrive Fuel Injectors to the player from the start and for them to be immune to damage.

Now available from the download manager.

What it Does:
  • Makes the equipment item 'Withdrive Fuel Injectors' standard issue for every player ship.
    Just like a ship's hyperdrive it will neither show on the ship's inventory nor will it be subject to damage.

  • It's not uncommon for the player to be attacked by large groups of pirates even in the early game (when the player ship is especially vulnerable).
    By granting the player free injectors that are not subject to damage there is now a good chance to flee from such encounters.
    Furthermore slower, more vulnerable starting ships are now more viable for the player.
    As before, injector function is subject to fuel supply and so the player won't be able to run every time.
    Non player ships don't always have injectors of course but then whether they don't have injectors or have simply run out of fuel is not obvious to the player.

Disabling the injectors:
  • Whilst no longer subject to damage, it is still possible to disable the injectors by script. Simply set speed factor to 1 and fuel consumption to 0.

For the future:
  • I may not grant this change to every ship. For example, it may require a hyperdrive in order to be present.
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