High Speed ejecta including Escape Pods

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High Speed ejecta including Escape Pods

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Since installing 1.84 (6 months or so ago?) I've noticed that a number of defensive situations where I just have to blow someone away will result in Alloy plates and other debris being ejected from the plasma cloud, some travelling faster than my max speed (Cobra Miner), some even out-speeding me on injectors or Torus.
Generally, I'm fine with this.
But - I sometimes see Escape Pods ejecting at high speed, which I can't catch (to sell the blaggards into mining slavery in the depths of Laurium). And that doesn't make sense. The point of Escape Pods is to be caught, if they don't make it back to the nearest station first.
From the Wiki :
Its small engines give it a maximum speed of 0.05 LM and allow for 0.5 roll and pitch maneuverability. There is only room for 1 energy bank and its recharge rate is rather poor at 2.0.
So surely the vessel's behaviour on a high-speed ejection (or an impulse from your ship getting toasted) should be to locate nearest station, orient towards it, and then apply engine to brake gradually to Torus speed (or Injector speed) so that pick-up can be achieved, should someone happen along.
I am assuming that the insurance company's calculation is that you're safer in a scooped Escape Pod in someone's hold, than flying free.
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