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Re: [Release] Space Crowds

Post by Astrobe » Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:14 am

... But before that I have to fix a few minor issues:
  • Boulders spawn with a red glow. I believe that's because by default they spawn with a high temperature as if they were just fragmented by a mining laser.
  • Traders still have a tendency to jump out of the system, which is not a consistent behavior when you're in the middle of the planet-sun lane. I tried to prevent that by giving them a random quantity of fuel, but it doesn't work well - and I don't want them to be defenseless against predators (including the player). I wonder if giving them a route (to a station) would solve the problem.
  • One can clearly see that the first thing ships do is to position themselves to fly in formation. I have to find a way to spawn them already in formation and aligned to their destination.

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