[WIP] System Guard Navy

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[WIP] System Guard Navy

Post by montana05 » Mon Feb 05, 2018 7:30 am

The 2nd module of Galactic Navy Extend: System Guard Navy

This part introduces some new ships, mainly modifications of others or mixtures between Hard and Sniper OXP.
FeudalStates, Commies and Dictators adding additional features.


Introduction of the System Guard Navy (SGNS) to Oolite:
depending on the system OXP's installed you will encounter them more or less, as long as your status is clean not much to worry

Additional ships:
most types of system governments offer new ships, some depending on the OXP's installed. There are communist assassins,
Feudal raid parties and Dictator drug convoys you could run in on your journeys

Specific escape pods for every ship:
depending on the ship mass a number of escape pods with GNS officers are waiting to be rescued

New ship variations

Boa BattleCruiser - an invention of the Peoples Navy Shipyards in Communist systems

Flint Boa BattleCruiser - a Boa ClassCruiser with a lot firepower and a Hard Armour

Flint Asp Mark II - the nightmare of every critic of the party, fast, a lot firepower and a Hard Armour

Constrictor Scout - based on a prototype of the Constrictor this craft is still more than a match for most ships careless enough to start a fight
(tweaked version of the HIMSN-Constrictor, all credits to Keeper)

Constrictor Scout SG - based on a prototype of the Constrictor this craft is equipped with heavy defense systems and 8 sniper guns


System Guard Navy (originally designed for HIMSN)

Galactic Navy Support for System Guard Navies


BigShips OXP, without you will never see some ships
Galactic Navy Extend, adds most of the ships

Email System OXP, a better solution for incoming messages
Sniper Gun, unlocks some ships
HardShips, upgrades some of the ships
Commies, uses Peoples Navy ships and add some new
Dictators, uses Imperial/Junta Navy ships and add some new
Feudal States, uses Feudal ships and add some new for the Royal SGN


The System Guard Navies (SGN) started as part of the re-organization of the Galactic Navy after the slaughter
of 3 carrier-groups in interstellar space. They are a joint force between local Navies and the
Galactic Navy. The opportunity to buy war ships at reduced prices made the SGN attractive to most
local system governments. While mainly consisting out of local ships the Galactic Navy send some support
like medical ships, minesweepers and Constrictor Scouts.

In peace times the SGN supports Galcop and act as defense (and attack) fleet for the local system
government, rumors have it that even assassins, pirates and smugglers are using the SGN-identification-
code. However, in case of a Thargoid invasion a Galactic Navy officer is taking over command to lead the
ships into battle.

Personal remarks:

Some people will tell that the System Guard Navies are to strong but long history is telling that certain governments
like dictators, communist and feudal will do everything to build a powerful military, even if their people suffer, and attack if
there is a chance. Keeping this in mind and include the idea of a joint force facing an enemy from outside the known
space I believe fleets would look like that, probably even stronger.
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Re: [WIP] System Guard Navy

Post by BlackWolf » Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:35 am

Very nice.
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Re: [WIP] System Guard Navy

Post by UK_Eliter » Sat Feb 24, 2018 12:17 am

Looks good to me (and I speak as someone whose idea of a new ship is to take an existing one and then retexture it!).

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Re: [WIP] System Guard Navy

Post by Smivs » Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:47 am

UK_Eliter wrote:
Sat Feb 24, 2018 12:17 am
and I speak as someone whose idea of a new ship is to take an existing one and then retexture it!.
Nowt wrong with that - I've made a career out of it! :D
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