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WIP: Ship: Gigantophis v0.1

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:09 am
by Knotty
Been back on Oolite recently after some time on KSP
Will get back to the skydiver astronaught (the memories of watching Jedediah Kerman falling from orbit are still too fresh), but wanted to play around with a Playable heavy cargo vessel
Needs proper texturing, but would like feedback to see if people feel it's cargo capacity is out of balance.
Aimed to be proportionally slower and less manoeuvrable than the Anaconda, I've upped the commodities to give them a volume the ship can handle (suspect this comes under "cheating")
Think it's otherwise balanced, even with all the offensive and defensive standard modules it's best to avoid any system were it's likely to experience more than a light heckle... (may hack Thargoid'sHiredGuns to get more ships)