Star System Lane Indicator OXP

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Star System Lane Indicator OXP

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Star System Lane Indicator

Version: 0.52
Category: Equipment
Available at TL: 8 and above
Requires: Advanced Compass
Required Oolite Version: 1.86
Author: Wesfire
License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
Download: Extension manager in the game.

Star System Lane Indicator is an enchantment to the Advanced Compass which indicates what Lane your ship is in and/or quides you to the nearest point of a Lane. A Lane is a line which connects 2 points in the system.

Conventions - Examples of Lanes in oxp:
- Whichspace beacon and Main planet center ,known as "Lane-1".
- Whichspace beacon and Star center ,known as "Lane-2".
- Star center and Main planet center ,known as "Lane-3".
-"Lane-A" connects Coriolis Station and WhichspaceBeacon projection. "Lane-A" is parallel to "Lane-1".
-"Lane-B" is parallel to "Lane-1" and "Lane-A". "Lane-B" is 45 degrees clockwise turn relative to "Lane-A".....
-"Lane-H" is parallel to "Lane-1" and "Lane-A". "Lane-H" is 315 degrees clockwise turn and 45 degrees counterclockwise relative to "Lane-A".....

Shift+N primes the equipment, then B key chooses mode of the equipment and then N activates the function mode.

This oxp also adds NPCs using this equipment to navigate to "Lane-A" to avoid encounters on their way to Coriolis Station.

Here are some short videos to showcase SSLI usage:

Any feedback about this oxp is wellkomed.


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