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Oolite Bulletins • Cargo Scoop as Standard OXZ
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Cargo Scoop as Standard OXZ

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:43 pm
by Redspear
That's right, cargo scoop, not fuel scoops. You'd still need fuel scoops to scoop fuel.

Launching from the station on your maiden flight you can be a trader, smuggler or bounty hunter but that's about it. Piracy and mining are out because you can't reliably profit from either.

Well, maybe with this installed you can.


Once you've opened the belly of your victim, you need to collect the booty. Not without a scoop you can't.


Although hardly reliable, I believe it's still possible for a pulse laser to occasionally splinter an asteroid rather than just destroy it.
So if you get lucky: scoop it! At least when you're not you get a tiny bounty for the asteroid.

General Use:

Apart from finding salvage (lucky you!) then should you accidentally jettison your cargo (there are a lot of keys to learn after all and you could be thinking shift-d to dock...) then you have a chance to get it back. If it's even 1 pod of computers then that would otherwise be a heavy loss for a beginner...
As for when you finally get enough credits to buy your first piece of kit, at least now there's a chance that it won't be the first thing to be damaged as it might be the cargo scoop that takes the hit instead.

Of course, how wise it might be to attempt piracy or mining in a stock ship is questionable at best but at least now you can try! :D
Good luck :wink:

To do:

May need a tweak to fuel scoops, perhaps making cargo scoops a requirement.
With the current situation re: equipment-overrides.plist however, I'll leave that for now.

Available from the download manager shortly.

Re: Cargo Scoop as Standard OXZ

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 7:08 pm
by Redspear
Apologies folks.

There's some apparently manifest related issue that's resulting in download failures regarding updating the oxz list. According to a log report, this oxz is the problem.

I've set the oxz to draft state which returns things to normal but also prevents downloading this oxz.

It should be simple (expecting ';' character at a particular line) but I don't see why at the moment.
Are there any forbidden characters in the decription category of an oxz?

Re: Cargo Scoop as Standard OXZ

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 9:50 pm
by Redspear
Finally fixed it...

Simple manifest problem as hellraiserpt identifed with Paddling Pool oxz.