[Release]SunSkimmerPod OXP v.0.9

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Re: [Release]SunSkimmerPod OXP v.0.9

Post by maik »

Added to the WIP section of the [wiki]OXP List[/wiki].

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Re: [Release]SunSkimmerPod OXP v.0.9

Post by Okti »

maik wrote:Added to the WIP section of the [wiki]OXP List[/wiki].
Thanks Maik
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Re: [Release]SunSkimmerPod OXP v.0.9

Post by SandJ »

Okti wrote:While testing the OXP I found that if player ship is in a position where the planet is between the sunskimmermissile, it can not reach the player at all.
If the missile is launched with the planet between the player and the sun, the missile flies straight into the planet. (I was following it to see where it went; unfortunately, I followed it into the crater it made...)
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