Combat Manoeuvers

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Combat Manoeuvers

Post by Cholmondely »

I'm looking for some more material for the new Combat Manoeuvers page on our wiki.

My ineptness at combat means that I'm reduced to scouring the BB for material, and all I've found so far is below.

I'm after two things:

1) More manoeuvers: any ideas?

2) Some training films of any of the below to link to the new page. Can anybody supply a film (YouTube link is just fine) with a demonstration and possibly a lecture/talk over about what and why?
Even better would be an additional little video square on the side showing the keyboard or joystick of the lecturer and how it is manipulated (as Drew has in his films) - but I presume that this involves all sorts of expensive equipment (streaming hardware, green screens, cameras etc) which probably only Drew has!
Combat Manoeuvers

The Sykastic Swerve: Aldabert Sykastin, the Supreme Savant of the Lavean Academy's School of Strategic Studies, developed a method of swirling or looping with continual changes of velocity, thus making it almost impossible for the enemy to hit him as he was closing with them.
The Wrogers Writhe: Wrogers, the renowned reptilian Elite pilot from the antipodes of Riarribi, perfected the technique of performing a corkscrew approach to the enemy using Witchfuel Injectors (thus ensuring that their laser blasts miss) until behind them, then spinning on a coin (at greatly reduced speed) and turning and strafing them. Initial missile fire could be easily ECM'd as they would be firing their missiles facing away from Wrogers, giving him more time to react.
Manfred's Manoeuver: The sun blinds your enemies in the same way that it blinds you. And if they are behind you (and you have a rear-mounted laser) ...
The Stellar Bake: If outnumbered, head for the sun (keeping the enemy close by). Enter the corona until your temperature hits the red line, then turn 180 degrees and engage your witch-fuel injectors. They will probably bake to death.
Any resemblance between the names given to the manoeuvers and the goodly contributors to this board is purely imaginary. If anybody is perturbed, I can easily come up with something else. Just PM me!
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