Suggestion: Aquaspace aka H2Oolite

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Re: Suggestion: Aquaspace aka H2Oolite

Post by cbr »

- Imagine wildlife the size of large ships
- Wildlife capable of damaging a/your ship
- Go fishing with special missiles/torpedos
- Treasure hunting
- Deep Sea mining
- Deep Sea pirates

and ofcourse the moby_dick_mission :)

This Escape to Aqualina sounds very catchy

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Re: Suggestion: Aquaspace aka H2Oolite

Post by Geraldine »

The ingenuity of the Oolite community never ever cease to amaze me! :shock:
Is Oolite finished? Not yet kameraden, NOT YET! 8)

Just think, combat in the game would need a new sound track! :wink:
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Re: Suggestion: Aquaspace aka H2Oolite

Post by ocz »

Probably already mentioned, but I didn't saw it in the previous posts:
Schleichfahrt (Archimedean Dynasty)
and its sequels "Aquanox" and "Aquanox 2"

I only played Aquanox 2 and even though it wasn't an open world game (missionbased with some decision in between, but with tradeing in and out equipment) and the story and characters became quite cheesy/emo, the atmosphere was top-notch. Setting: Year 2600 + something. The world HAD a bright future (til 2200 or something) and then suddenly nuclear wastland. Technologically advanced mankind already founded underwater, well, colonies kinda? Mostly Mines, Labs, holiday bubbles and ... pure colonies and migrated there. Oh. And there are bionts (Aliens?/artifical lifeforms?/Who knows? They are mankinds old nemesis.) Dive too deep and you get squashed by the pressure. Get too high (;)) to the surface and you get cooked. And then there is the "cavitation drive" that allows travel underwater with supersonic speeds. So... different Nations and anarchistic regions, bases, commerce, crime, bounty hunting, and the means of fast travel to quickly change locations. Sounds familiar?

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