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a suggestion to HUD authors

Post by spud42 »

i recently spent quite a bit of time trying to set up some MFD's in a HUD that had 7 positions available. Some other HUD's have 10.

my request is that when defining these areas for MFD's could you please comment as to where on the screen it will display? Maybe some are but the Coluber CH01 HUD is not.

for example i put a MFD in position 1. decided i would like to try it moved to the right so i tried position 2 only to find that the KFD had moved from top left to top right. the center position along the top turned out to be position 7 not 3 as i expected.

no disrespect to the authors as i know what work you have to put in to make a HUD. Just a suggestion.
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