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On Damage Probability

Posted: Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:18 pm
by Redspear
Been working on one of my oxps and came to thinking about damage to equipment.

Would I be correct in thinking that the likelihood of any equipment being damaged is checked prior to (and is otherwise uncorrelated with) checking which item has been damaged?

If so, might it be both more realistic and more fun if chance of damage was cumulative with regards to equipment installed?

Current situation (and please correct me if I'm wrong...):
Chance of damage to an individual equipment item reduces with each additional item installed but chance of damage remains constant unless there's nothing left to damage (as if equipment items queue up in a random order to take a hit).

Hypothetical situation:
Chance of damage is cumulative, so that the more equipment heavy your ship load out is, the more likely something is to be damaged. So rather than queuing up to take a hit, items can be hit independantly (in terms of probability).

So, your ship takes a hit where an e.c.m. would be installed... but you don't have one.

Current result: equipment damage is equipment damage, take a hit to your injectors instead.
Suggested result: no e.c.m. therefore no damage.

Please note that assigning probability is sufficient, it is not necessary to assign where an e.c.m. might be fitted nor determine if that area were hit.

The current situation is tougher on beginners/pilots in their early careers (when things are tough enough already) and easy on them in their later careers when things are (generally) much easier.

Things to consider: general damage probability would need to be lower else well equipped ships would be taking damage almost constantly and there would be minimal benefits to poorly equipped ships.
This doesn't consider ship size as another factor to damage (larger ship = less likely to hit a piece of equipment?) but that is a complicating factor that opens up further discussion without invalidating the idea that more equipment should equate to more chance of equipment damage on any given ship.