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Oolite Bulletins • Torus Reduction near Stars/Planets
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Torus Reduction near Stars/Planets

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 4:13 pm
by Redspear
Something that sort of happens already...

The torus drive has a minimum speed multiplier and a maximum speed multiplier.
My understanding is that the further you are from a masslocking entity, the closer you will be to the maximum speed.

What if it slowed even further when close to a planet or star? Wouldn't they now appear bigger as they slowly increased in size on your approach?

IIRC base level torus acceleration is x32 and when it gets faster you can tell by the white trails emanating from your heading moving faster.
What if it were slowed to x24 and then x16 as you approached?

Approaching a star you likely wouldn't notice on account of the glare, for a planet it could be disguised further by dropping in more gradual increments e.g x32, x28, x24, x20, x16.

Benefits would be purely cosmetic but could be quite fun - the feeling that you were approching something more massive.
It need only be the last 10% or so of the journey that took any longer (and only when using the torus drive).

Re: Torus Reduction near Stars/Planets

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:44 am
by Redspear
...Or should it speed up instead, using the sudden increase to make them seem larger?

I think I might have got confused :lol: