Relationship between cargo hold and piracy

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Relationship between cargo hold and piracy

Post by Redspear »

Not sure as to what extent (if any) that the following is already true...

Shouldn't the size of the player ship influence the likelihood of predation by pirates? More specifically, the size of the player ship cargo bay could be an indicator of risk of pirate interest.

It may be true that larger vessels may sometimes pose a greater combat threat, I believe that the AI already factors this in when implementing pirate behaviour.

If implemented then it could make starting in a smaller ship more viable both in terms of difficulty and (possibly) time consumption. Starting with a lesser ship than the mk III would be much more conventional game design and if this addresses even one of the main issues then that could be of benefit. It could even apply to the standard mk III start if pirates were slightly less interested until the player acquired the large cargo bay...

This is the sort if thing I should be able to oxp but not sure how at present.
Off the top of my head:
1. Change player scan class/ID (possible?) in presence of pirates (% chance related to cargo capacity)
2. Change pirate AI in presence of player (with similar probability)

This seems both more realistic and more beneficial in terms of the early game. It could apply to trading players much more than bounty hunters, pirates may consider it unwise to ignore those, small cargo capacity or not.
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