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Arexack_Heretic wrote:If lasers would diminish in quality, all equipment should be included [...]
Except for the cargo bay extensions. Can't think of any reason why cargo space would shrink over time. Unless one counts the accumulation of Trumble guano. :shock:
Arexack_Heretic wrote:If equipment would begin to fail, I'd want to choose for specific tuning sessions for say the ECM or the injectors.
I could live without a fuelscoop, but mising one or both of those could make spacelife hazardous!
I wouldn't see 'failure' as necessarily total failure. ECM starts needing more than one pulse. Injectors consume more fuel, and/or don't accelerate you to as high a velocity. Most things degrade as they age.

Docking computers on the other hand... :twisted:
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