Spoken totals

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Spoken totals

Post by Odo987 »

When a ship blows up, there are two messages:

Bounty: 21
Total: 2973622.8 Cr

First, I think that should be "21 Cr", instead of just "21".
Secondly, could the spoken voice please ignore lines starting with "Total"? I wouldn't mind hearing that I just got a bounty of "twenty-one credits". But I couldn't care less that I have "two million nine hundred and seventy-three thousand six hundred and twenty-two point eight credits". This information is not useful and it's preventing me from hearing the previous line which is useful.

Different topic: can anyone else press 'tab' for the engergy bomb in 1.65? All other keys work fine, but ever since DLing the latest release I can't detonate my bomb.
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