More about subentities and wanted list ;)

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More about subentities and wanted list ;)

Post by Arexack_Heretic »

-Can they have their own AI's or are they always slaved to the motherentity with dumbAI?

-Why only front facing weapons? I still want to have a broadside option. ;)

-Why not have laser turrets?
You can trust us not to abuse the things.
Restricting the firing arc (by obstruction) is quite effective as is limiting the weaponsenergy.

-equipment: pointdefence missiles/gattlinglaser

-a method for creating entities from a deathaction moving out in random direction from the center of the parent entity. (ejectItem launches all items in the same direction as a cluster. Spawn makes items magically appear.)

-a method to send AI-messages to objects; a cross between messageMother and performScriptedActionOnTarget.
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