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I just downloaded this game and it just took me back about 20 years when I was a little punk ass playing this on my 32K BBC Micro on a (green) monitor with wireframe ships... and it took me about 3 years to reach elite back then due to unexpected power outages and actually being able to save the game.

All I have to say is God Bless the creater of this game. It is fantastic with many more things than the original game. BUT....

I really dont mean to be a pest but in the TRUE spirit of the original elite, please note 2 suggestions (in order of importance) from me:


If I remember correctly, the BBC Elite had the following keys to fly:
A = Fire
X = Climb
S = Dive
> = Spin Clockwise
< = Spin Counter Clockwise
? = Slow Down
Space = Accelerate

Now the keys have changed.
Im sure you must have a good reason to why the keys have changed.

The arrow keys are now used to fly the ship (Which I can get used to) But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if there is a way where you can you just re-assign the Laser Fire key to the letter Q as that would enable players like me (who are used to the original keys) in just the "placement" of the left hand fingers on the keys similar to the BBC

(See "BBC Gameplay Hand Placements" below to see my problem).


Left Hand Placement - Original Game:
A = Wedding Ring Finger - to FIRE
X = Index Finger (Next to thumb) - to CLIMB
S = Middle Finger - to DIVE

Right Hang Placement - Original Game:
? = Pinky - to SLOW DOWN
> = Finger (Next to Pinky) - to SPIN RIGHT
< = Middle Finger - to SPIN LEFT
M = Index Finger - to Fire Missile
SPACE BAR = Thumb - to Accelerate.

Picture this (actually put your hand on the keyboard to see this).... With your present selection of keys for the left hand, W and S are fine for the speed controls, but the LASER FIRE key (operated with the Wedding Ring Finger on your left hand) is hard to reach behind the middle finger placed on the W key. It would be so much eaiser to move the Laser Fire Function from A to the Q key.

(...or make them both a fire key for those who are already used to it. Maybe (in the next PC update) you can give an option to RE-DEFINE the FLIGHT keys (like in some games) or you can give us the option to play with the mouse in a later version like FFE which is even better).


When the game loads and the Intro Screen comes... As the Cobra ship spins, it seems to dissapear and re-appear. The same thing happens when you are scrolling through the Ship Purchase screen and viewing ships before buying them. Is there any way to fix this? The whole pleasure of viewing the craft gets spoiled.

There is another minor one, but thats to come later after the above are fixed.

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Post by aegidian »

HELLO FAS, there is indeed a way that you CAN REDEFINE THE KEYS.

YOU NEED to create and/or edit a file called keyconfig.plist - OR COPY OR DOWNLOAD ONE WITH THE BBC KEY SET-UP.

This is in the FAQ here:

And there are more details here: ... d_Controls


YES - I'm aware of this and will be working on a solution for it for the next version.

And just so you know, I read pretty much every post here, you don't need to post in all caps to get my attention. Plus you can always e-mail me at
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Thanks for the quick reply... One small question remains

Post by fasnoon »


Thanks for the quick response. I managed to create the BBC key file...

keyconfig.plist and place it in the ADDON folder from one of the posts in:

but I am having the same problem as BARABIS (posted comment on same page) on the page. Click the link above to see. The ship climbs and dives OK, fires Ok, but the (?) to slow the ship and the < > rotation keys dont work...!!!!

How am I to fix this? This BBC key mapping does not work in PC OOlite. Only if this has a remidy, then the daily 5 hour game sessions can begin.

Is this fixed in version 1.65?


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