AEGIDIAN - you are THE KING of code !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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AEGIDIAN - you are THE KING of code !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by fasnoon »


I just wanted to tip my hat to you for doing absolutely a FANTASTIC job in the PC Oolite 1.65 version... making my first Oolite experience really superb. The sound works, the ships are cool, and the game brings back lots of fond memories... even the BBC KEYCONFIG file works perfectly in this version.

I have a quick question though... sometimes when flying (using the default or the BBC key configuration) and want to shoot a target far away, the ship climbs or dives a bit "too" much... even if you tap the keys slightly. Is there is way to somehow include an option where you can select the SENSITIVITY of the keys? I’m not sure if I am able to explain what I mean... but something like in the Windows XP control panel where you can adjust the sensitivity (or speed) of the mouse.... having the Pointer Arrow move slow or fast.

I tried that also. First I used the windows XP control panel to “slow” the mouse pointer to my comfort level and then tried playing the game in full screen more with the mouse, but it didn’t really work….

Oh... and ONE MORE suggestion (sorry if I sound greedy)…

The ship “rolls or spins” left or right with the movement of the mouse…. Is there a way where you can give the player the option that when you are playing with the mouse… the player can actually select NOT to have the “Roll” option… and just have the ship go left or right instead (Just eaxactly as the movement of your hand when you move the mouse)?

If you have played FFE, you would know what I mean about how the ship behaves with the mouse movements in that game. That way it is so much easier to bring the enemy in the targeting cross.

I just cant wait to see what changes/surprises you have in your next PC Oolite versions.

Super Job bro


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Post by CWolf »

Hey bud, glad you are enjoying it.

As for the rolling and spinning as opposed to flat pan turning... This is a re-imagining of Elite, not FFE or FE2... Also, how would you dock without the ability to roll?
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Post by lex_talionis »

CWolf wrote: Also, how would you dock without the ability to roll?
well... you could get a very narrow ship... hehe! I do believe the question of yaw (assuming that's what you're referring to) has been discussed fairly extensively on another thread... and opinion was fairly evenly divided as you can see from the results.

I have to say that I don't see a need for it... what's wrong with just rolling and climbing?

(thread is here:

I would make some confirming comment about this being only an Elite re-make, but I never got the chance to play Elite (something about being born at the wrong time) so this is just Oolite to me :D
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Post by Selezen »

It's a simple equation, FAS...

Oolite <> FFE

There was a discussion a while ago about triple axis control, but I don't know what's happening. Do a search in subjects/titles for YAW.

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