Adjustable and/or Time sensitive steering control?

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Adjustable and/or Time sensitive steering control?

Post by Rhakka »

Ok, I play on the keyboard.

let me just say, there is little that is as frustrating as trying to line up a shot on a ship, and it's "dead in the middle", and being completely unable to tap a directional key for the minute nudge I need to line it up.

So that got me to thinking: I thought it might be cool if when I first tap a directional key, I just get a very small adjustment in pitch or roll... very, very small. The longer I hold the key down, the faster the pitch or roll increases, up to the max value of the ship I am flying. and the longer I hold down, the longer it takes to "zero out" afterwards (maybe a small nod to inertia there, or just some recognition of a time delay in a system switching between direction control jets or what have you..).

I though of that because my default dream would be able to reduce the "sensitivity" of my controls.. though that makes the nimbleness of some ships lesser if it just reduces the amount of control you have, so I was trying to think of something that would allow for a "gradiation" of control when using a keyboard.

clear as mud? dumb idea?

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Post by aegidian »

A fine-adjust-by-holding-a-key-down has, I think been suggested in the past. It's a good idea, I just haven't had a round-enough-tuit yet.
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