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Should Giles...

work on Oolite Dogfighter (Multiplayer project).
add in all the stuff to Oolite we've been asking for in single player first.
take a long holiday.
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Post by Frd_Prefect »

I think the pace with which oolite has grown and expanded is very impressive.

Other similar projects to oolite on mac or even on windows generally never get out of alpha stage, and most rarely make it through an early beta. Even worse people often get too ambitious and employ rediculous engines like Celestia to generate systems and then run into a dead end when it becomes apparent that it will take 18 months of hard work to get anything even approaching a playable game, let alone multiplayable.

Oolite is unique in that it is a simple and well proven idea with a huge scope and has a commited programmer. As it continues to improve and more people become involved with the project I am sure that things like multiplayer are probably inevitable, the only question is, is the timing right? oolite is still a young project after all with lots more unexplored possibilities to offer a single player :)

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Post by Murgh »

Olentzero wrote:easy, gents, put down the noose...
I nod with Darkbee's summary, and Prefect's view.

could it be that the Space Dredgers/Spacecraft Carriers potential is more than cool. armed wandering markets with a potential variety of legal allignments could cultivate another different element.
and maybe a more developed two-directional Com Log would be a central building block in multiplay?
as one of the old dogmatics (can you say that in english?) I can't see such ships having anything to do inside planet atmospheres unless it is burning to death, but hasn't Giles has pondered on a gravity pull element..?

I'm with the no-rush group, because we wouldn't want the two separated too soon.

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Mad Dan Eccles
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Post by Mad Dan Eccles »

I want, nay *need* multiplayer. But having a rest gets my vote.
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Post by Jaybee »

I think that Giles deserves a long holiday for the monumental effort in giving us all a game that takes most of us back to the days of Elite on the 8-bits.

I also feel that, when most of the game updates have been implemented, then a multiplayer version should be implemented (perhaps as a shareware OXP).
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Post by stimpee »

as ive just taken a break over xmas and new year i dont see why giles shouldnt take one soon. having said that, i voted to work on single player for a bit, to iron out the niggles that may popup in 1.40 (and to make the lasers fire from the side a la trad. elite and make it more visible/audible when youve actually hit something 8) *hint*)... and THEN take a holiday...

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Post by jonnycuba »

So just happened to see this thread out of the corner of my eye ;)
So apart from the long holiday any thoughts about the implementation of this next step? Would it be a mission to make the Mac & PC versions compatible in terms of MPOolite?

a PC using friend just came over & I showed him Oolite, he freaked out when I told him it'll be on his platform soon 8)
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