Hello, Sound and new Ships

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Hello, Sound and new Ships

Post by Bluescreen »

Hi there... i was reading this forum now for a long time. First, i have to say "GREAT", that much of you guys keep ELITE alive and for beeing so active in creating new aspects of the game. This gave me much hours of fun since v1.65. Thanks. :D

Did i got it right, that v1.72 is able to play two sonds at a time? Then why not putting either enginesonds in the background or (suggestion) some kind of computerbeeps... i don't know how realistic this is because i don't know how much is possible with the Oolite-engine. Something like beeping, buzzing, humming in the background, that goes more nervous as the action builds up in a fight and tones down if you are in a green status.

Regarding ships i would like to see some Sci-Fi-Stuff like:

LANCET - in the roll of an escapecapsule, taxi, shuttle.
ORION VII-X - military, police, trader.

As we have now ships from "Star Wars", "Star Trek" and such it would be nice to see them, too.

Just what i was thinking about...

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Post by JensAyton »

This could be done in an OXP.

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Re: Hello, Sound and new Ships

Post by gogz69 »

I have been looking at Babylon 5 tech manual site. B5TECH.COM
Anyone who has not discovered this, you MUST!!! go & see :wink:
Shadows- Next generation thargoid ships?
Your thoughts on this please.

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