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StarDust CYOA

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:53 pm
by DataPacRat
There's a reasonably popular internet pasttime called "CYOAs", most frequently seen over on Reddit. Mostly, somebody throws together an image offering various choices for the viewer to make, who then gets to come up with whatever story they want from the result. One of the archetypes is the Worm CYOA, based on inserting the reader into the novel of the same name.

More relevant to readers here is the StarDust CYOA, in which, across a map of dozens-to-hundreds of stars, the protagonist buys a ship, outfits it with gear, and can be a trader or pirate or miner or explorer or passenger-ferry or whatever else strikes their fancy. Seems like it might be right up the alley of a few folk of this board, so I hope somebody here reads through and enjoys it. :)