Has first contact already happened?

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My day is just about over here at work, but if I can find it this weekend, I'll post it.

I get most of a science/technical reading via ArsTechnica.com - Great site, and the columns are wonderful at aggregating the various medias and condensing them to a quantity I can manage to slog through.

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Disembodied wrote: Here's a link to some information on my favourite UFO story. I remember when this happened, and it's still one of the weirdest things I've heard of. At the time, my dad worked for the Glenrothes Development Corporation in Fife. He was told by a colleague in Livingstone that Robert Taylor, the man involved, was a stable and responsible individual, and perhaps the least likely person to invent something like this.

Nothing about it makes any real sense.
...well, it does. Take this part: "Taylor later regained consciousness and upon doing so discovered the object had disappeared. Taylor then discovered he had trouble attempting to speak and could not get to his feet." - that is a very clear symptom of narcolepsy. Typically you get it when you wake up in your bed, cannot move, cannot scream...it's really something that can cause a lot of panic unless you know what's happening, I can tell you.

The point is, that quite many who had that sort of narcoleptic symptom also had it coupled with reports about alien abduction (probably while traversing from dream to wake state) and with narcolepsy you could fall asleep anytime. In this regard, the whole thing perfectly does make sense.

About that narcolepsy idea: You don't even have to show symptoms on other occasions...it's not necessarily something that does happen twice or more in your entire life.

However, I found it quite freaky when someone told me making a very similar observation to mine (extremely fast moving, 90 degrees turns without slowing)...and that a whole village became used to that sort of sightings over the past decades, as they happen regularly! Is that some new sort of weather phenomenon, like the scientists had so much trouble until they finally had to admit the existence of ball lightning, elves, sprites and similar phenomenons?

Concerning the food postings: Pigs are considered much more intelligent than dogs...and dogs definitely have emotions! Dolphins do use tools on their own - and even teach newborns those skills. I myself was once helping hunters because they could not find the deer that was shot and the dogs also failed...thus I was having a look and found it. It was partially buried by the other deer from that group, they did flee together with it and did lie down with it trough the night, but obviously left it once it was clear that it would never stand up again. The hunters were quite confused, not only because of that sight, but also because the shot should have caused instant death - instead of enabling a run of several hundred meters.

Oh...and concerning apes...there's even one which is able to speak using the same hand signs as deaf people do. For other animals, scientists have been able to proof that some do have a certain warning language to warn others of the same kind before different types of predators - and that other animals around those often do understand their warnings, too.

Just because we don't have the same languages doesn't say that something's incapable of communication...and the lack of hands also doesn't make anything dumb at all. Maybe at some point scientists actually find out that there's much more intelligent animal life on earth than us...


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The smartest thing that intelligent life on Earth can do is to hide from humans.

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"...and pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space,
because it's bugger all down here on Earth." (Monty Python, The Meaning of Life)


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