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Post by wackyman465 »

Erm what format should I rename the .dat model as? I tried an .stl and it rejected it.
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Post by Selezen »

I've been making paper models now for a couple of years (it's one of the reasons why I have no time to work on Oolite OXPs any more) and have a few tips for them if anyone's interested in giving it a try without having to write a program or pay for Pepakura...

I use Wings3D to do it and it works quite well if you have the patience for it.

When you unfold the mesh for texturing, make EVERY edge a hard edge then instead of using Unfold, use Projection Normal to export the faces. This unfolds every face along its own normal meaning that the exported parts are all the right size and ready to stitch together.

Then all you have to do is be ready to spend a couple of hours stitching facets together in such a way that the shape doesn't distort and you have something that will make a lovely paper model!

If anyone wants a full tutorial on it I can draw one up. Who needs Mackayj?

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