Recommendations for Linux JS file editor

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Re: Recommendations for Linux JS file editor

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Lone_Wolf wrote:Try Kate , an excellent text editor with support for syntax highlighting in 100+ programming languages.
I second the choice of Kate as a programming editor, especially if you like Notepad++.

I know nothing about JS though (but that starts to change by hanging around this forum, will become "mostly harmless" any moment).

I use Xfce for my desktop, Kate is the only KDE application I use - but I use it almost every day.


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Re: Recommendations for Linux JS file editor

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I use Kate. It works very well with great context highlighting. It even has bracket matching which is a great help. The only thing you have to watch out for is the backup files (they end ~) it creates in case something happens. They are useful feature but they pollute and OXP you are working on so you need to be delete them before you package the OXP.
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