Announcing Oolite v1.82

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Announcing Oolite v1.82

Post by Getafix »

Following the announcement of Oolite v1.82 release, here is a piece (or more) of advice for the penguin clan.

The first installation of Oolite 1.82 (and this is valid for all new releases) must be a "clean" one. On that matter, download the package that is relevant to your architecture. Avoid performing an update using the oolite-update tool. Consider oolite-update as a shortcut to restore the initial Oolite installation, in case it's been accidentally broken.

The Linux Development releases are currently delivered in stand-alone installation packages (i.e. no need for the current Oolite release to be installed). Considering the cumbersome releases this leads to, adding more than 500MB to each release, work is in progress to develop Deployment release packages that will convert an existing Oolite installation to a Development release. The Oolite release for Windows has already performed that step.

To convert a Development release back to a "normal" one (called Deployment release), the oolite-update tool will do the job, saving you considerable download time, as it only downloads/restores the files changed from a Deployment release installation.

Enough said! Commanders, start your engines!
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