Fastest way to buy a Boa/Boa CC?

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Re: Fastest way to buy a Boa/Boa CC?

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My hint: Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, keep an eye on the price of gems, gold and platinum. Every station, rock hermit, salvage gang... wherever. Wherever it is even marginally below the optimum price, buy it all up then save it up and just carry it around indefinitely (you can store LOADS of it) until you finally find a price worth selling at. Depending on what oxps you have installed you can find some very good prices. I like to use the ASL liners, you can always sell it there.

Obviously this only works when you have enough cash on hand that you can routinely refuel, fill your cargo hold and pay whatever other expenses with plenty of money leftover This is not advice for a Jameson straight out of Lave. Basically it's putting some of that spare cash to work.

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Re: Fastest way to buy a Boa/Boa CC?

Post by Cody »

Potential Debris wrote:
Thu Jul 25, 2019 3:55 pm
... gold and platinum [ ] buy it all up then save it up and just carry it around indefinitely (you can store LOADS of it)...

One caveat regarding metal hoarding: once you have over 499kg it becomes a cargo hold item, and can be destroyed/lost.
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Re: Fastest way to buy a Boa/Boa CC?

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My general advice is: enjoy the journey. I see that you already have this opinion, which is good. The game is more interesting when you have to make decisions on where to put your cash. Most recently, I decided to play a python start from one of the starting option oxps, and the money built up quite quickly once I could take on cargo contracts. It doesn't take long to get to top reputation in cargo with a python, and from there the big money starts to really roll in. Cargo requires much less zapping than than high-end parcels and passengers. With high-end parcels, you'd better have a fast ship, beefy shields, and lots of extra fuel (e.g., fuel tank oxp, much more useful than missiles), or avoid long jumps, because the high-end assassins have great aim, powerful lasers, fast ships, and lots of fuel to follow you practically indefinitely on injectors. If you acquire a particularly sought-after parcel, you can count on being harassed on just about every exit from witchspace.

I did end up earning enough for a Boa Clipper II, and boy it's worth the wait. Fast, maneuverable, great cargo capacity. Not so great in a furball since you're easy to hit, but it's a great overall ship. If you're into towbar (I love it), the Boa can tow a much larger class of ships, I even managed an Anaconda once!

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Re: Fastest way to buy a Boa/Boa CC?

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Aye, thanks for all the advice and suggestions, I will keep it in mind. Unfortunately due to real life problems, I haven't been able to play in months, and I also lost my previous save, so.... Yeah, gotta start from the beginning again.. Oh god

This ought to be fun, can't wait to get back in once my internet becomes better

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