[WIP] The Collector v0.4

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Re: [WIP] The Collector v0.4

Post by hiran »

So I tried to find the collector's base officially now. It seems by closely following the hints and some endurance one can find the base. "It seems" means I went for the spoiler and then set out for the real path so I kind of knew what I had to look for.

The collector offered me one mission, and it took me several attempts to get it done. As soon as I came back from that one! mission I got the message
Well Done! The story will continue in the next version of The Collector.
What? That's it? I mean, it all started so promisingly about Freighter-loads of money all these guys had made. And when I bring one artefact, the whole mission is over? Why do I not want to believe that?
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Re: [WIP] The Collector v0.4

Post by tsoj »

hiran wrote: Sat Oct 23, 2021 9:58 pm So I tried to find the collector's base officially now.
The way I did it was, after searching three or four stations in the area, I pretended to hack the Galcop database to find the location of The Collector contact (i.e. looking at the oxz script code :P).
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