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Re: [Release] Space Crowds

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Testing is now complete with the following result:

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if (spawnedShips[i].isShip && !spawnedShips[i].isDerelict && !spawnedShips[i].isBoulder && !spawnedShips[i].is1t-cargopod)

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if (spawnedShips[i].isShip && !spawnedShips[i].isDerelict && spawnedShips[i].scanClass !== 'CLASS_CARGO' && spawnedShips[i].scanClass !== 'CLASS_ROCK')
both work as desired. See previous posts for where in the JavaScript these lines occur; should be around line 275 (Notepad++) in script.js in the config folder of the Space Crowds OXZ.

F5/F5/F8 to access HyperCargo while Derelict ships, Space Crowd's Boulders, and Space Crowd's Cargo Pods are out in space hanging around your ship will NOT cause those items to vanish into the ether if either of these bits of code are Tweaked in the previously mentioned JavaScript. It took a while but solutions have been found.

It should also be mentioned that in my Ooniverse both the Boulders and Cargo Pods have further Tweaks applied to them. They have a trader ship(s) added to their initial appearance so that you get masslocked by them instead of them flying by at Torus Speeds and going out beyond scanner range thereby losing you some of their number. Number is correct usage here for the Cargo Pods as well since they have been Tweaked to have up to 15 of them appear instead of just 1 as in the original OXZ. The "in space" spread of the Cargo Pods has also been Tweaked to match that of the Boulders.

My Thanks and Appreciation to all who contributed to the finding of this solution.
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