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Standard file names

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A couple of days ago, I was testing out extensions using the binary method and a thought came to mind. There is no real standard as far as file names. For instance this is two different ships:

oolite.oxp.ClymAngus.NeoCaduceus.oxz - NeoCaduceus
oolite.oxp.KillerWolf.KingCobra.oxz - King Cobra

Fortunately, I know that both are ships, but when moving the various files it becomes somewhat cumbersome to filter out the names. I was thinking that if we used a standard filename structure, it would be easier to move files easier. For instance, I have been having an issue with figuring what is causing issue with Bulletin Board. Intentionally, when starting out with a new Jamerson, Bulletin Board works correctly. But as I add more equipment or mechanics, suddenly although Bulletin Board still shows on F4, I can no longer access it.

So I figured I would move all of the equipment, mechanics and ambiance to a separate directory and move back individual files back into play. Granted that I live in Linux, it should be real easy to move files from one directory to another. But I have to go to every file and decided exactly what it. I know that a lot of the file names start off with oolite.oxp.[Author].[{ship, mechanic, ambience, mission, etc}].oxz. But maybe we could use something like this:

[{Ship, Mechanics, Mission, etc}].[Item].[Author].[Version].oxz






This way if I wanted to move all of my equipment items to a directory it would be as simple "mv *EQ.* tmp" or whatever works in Windows. Just a thought.


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