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Cody's Fiction

Post by Cholmondely »

Cody wrote: Sun Apr 11, 2021 10:48 am
Cholmondely wrote: Sun Apr 11, 2021 10:12 amDelighted!
I'm obliged, your wizardliness!

I have found 5 stories, now listed on

The ... te_stories category page which did not list your fiction is a just a collection of wiki pages which have [[Category:Oolite stories]] tucked away on the page invisibly somewhere. This causes that page to have Categories: Fiction emblazoned across the bottom - and to be included in the Category page listing.

Coyote was the only one linked to the category page due to the link on Coyote's Run OXP page.
Inside Straight now has it's own redirect page which has been tagged as Oolite stories (so it shows up on the category page)
Ideal Victim has now been transposed to its own wiki page (with links to systems, maps etc)
Lucky Moran ditto

What's the problem with Kaxgar?
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Re: Cody's Fiction

Post by Cody »

Crikey! I'd forgotten about Lucky Moran. Perhaps I'll take another look at it when the next lockdown hits (as it surely will).
As for Kaxgar, I was never entirely happy with it, and after a read through last year, I decided to withdraw it.
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