How to check an entity's altitude?

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Re: How to check an entity's altitude?

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View this functions from Stealth Raiders OXP(deep_stealth_raiders.js):

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this.$configurationSetDestinationToLeaveSun = function() {...}
this.$configurationSetDestinationToSafeSun = function() {...}
this.$configurationSetDestinationToAwaySun = function() {...}

this.$behaviourFleeHeat = function() {...}
this.$behaviourFleeOverHeat = function() {...}
this.$behaviourFleeHeatInCombat = function() {...}
also in the sunSkimExitAI.plist from oolite folder Resources/AIs

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"LEAVE_SUN" = {...}
Its like templates and examples for development.

Final code for setTargetToCelestialObject and setPerpendicularlyCoordinatesToCelestialObject not developed, because:
- part above examples for priority JS AI. Its should be edited from sun to common celestial object.
- i not know how long and speed need for the escorts flee perpendicularly away from the celestial object?

Oops, the celestial object not can set as ship target. Then need edit first simple version and renamed from setTargetToCelestialObject to fleeFromCelestialObject.

So, based on above examples, may be suggested this ships script function, as example solution.

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this.fleeFromCelestialObject = function() { = null;
	var range = this.ship.scannerRange; // this range is correctly ?
	var body = this.$calcAltitudeForShip();
	this.ship.destination = body;
	this.ship.desiredRange = body.radius + body.altitude + range;
	this.ship.desiredSpeed = this.ship.maxSpeed * 7; // 7 is optimal ?
Part "setStateTo: FLEE" was deleted, because its exist into ship script function.

So, for AI.plist is simple solution:

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FLEEING = ("sendScriptMessage: fleeFromCelestialObject");
@ UK_Eliter: If this code not worked, report me.
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Re: How to check an entity's altitude?

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Thanks very much Rustem. I'm seeing what I can get working . .
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