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As promised - heres the REALBasic 1.1 source project for Depacker.


DePacker 2.01

Fixed a few bugs including the one where you could only make changes to a file once per session.

  • Imported pictures can now be scaled down, and if being imported as a texture they will automatically be adjusted to a suitable size.

DePacker 2.00

Version 2.00 sees a complete GUI overhaul and increase in functionality, now you can use finder style browsers to edit and create pak and wad files, dragging and dropping and automagically converting files like a MacOS Quake fiend should!

Finder Integration.

  • You can open pak files by dragging them to the Depacker application, or by launching Depacker and choosing File: Open file.
  • You can drag files from an open pak file to the finder, or to other open pak files.
  • You can drag files and folders from the finder to an open pak file, picture files (picts, gifs, jpegs, BMP's, TIFF's or targa files) and dragged pictures will be automatically converted into Quake .lmp files.
  • Pak entries can be cut or copied and pasted into any pakfile. Pictures can be pasted into the pakfile (again they're converted to .lmp files).
  • Dragging a folder to the Depacker application creates a new pak file with the same structure as the folder, but in this case picture files are *not* converted to .lmp files.
  • Any open pakfile can be entirely depacked to a new folder in the same directory as the original file, alternatively you can choose to depack only the items selected in the current window.

WAD2 File Editing

  • You can open wad files (texture files and the gfx.wad file from Quake1) by dragging them to Depacker, or by launching Depacker and choosing File: Open file.
  • You can drag picture files (picts, gifs, jpegs, BMP's, TIFF's or targa files) into a wad and store them as pictures (status bar items), textures, or raw data (Quake1's console characters). Textures have to be a multiple of 8 pixels on each side and are converted into non-fullbright colours and automatically mipmapped.


  • ! You can't create subdirectories in a wad file.
  • ! You can create wad files with a mixture of texture and other files. Quake might be able to read these, but they give Visage real problems. Don't do it.
  • ! Textures are converted to non-fullbright colours, this may get fixed in a later version.
  • ! Depacker has no elegant way of converting picture to .lmp files, you can do it by dragging your picture to an open pak file (where it gets converted) and then dragging it back out again.
  • ! Full cut and paste hasn't yet been implemented/tested with wad files, be careful and always work with copies of your files. Use of the Edit: Clear menu item and Drag and drop have been tested and are robust.

Download DePacker v2.01

DePacker is freeware, written in REALBasic.

DePacker 1.02

v1.02 has had it's memory allocation upped in the hope that it might be able to deal with Quake 2 PAK files.

I also added the ability to create pak files and to depack an entire file into a folder.

DePacker 1.01

My attention has been drawn to a number of deficiencies in the original Depacker.

This is an improved version. It's many, many times faster and much more robust.

DePacker 1.00

DePacker was a simple tool I developed while writing MacQFE - it extracts individual files from a Quake Mod's PAK file archive.


To use it just drag the PAK archive to DePacker's window, then double click file entries to DePack them.

Or drag a folder to Depacker's window and it'll create a new pak file from the folder's contents.

Download DePacker v2.01

DePacker is freeware, written in REALBasic.

Giles Williams ©1999


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Download DePacker v2.01