JQT Map Editor
The Java-Powered Quake Map Editor for MacOS

JQT Map Editor

JQT Map Editor is an editor that allows the creation of original maps for Quake. It was designed on and for MacOS using Macintosh Runtime for Java.

It's a simple expandable editor.

JQT v.1.10 supports these features (and more):

  • Creates and loads its own compact format for map design files.
  • Exports .map format files for conversion to .bsp by QBSP.
  • Multiple editing windows open at once.
  • Single viewpoint, switchable between Top, Right, and Front views.
  • Prism and Cone primitive creation tools.
  • Hollow-out and shell tools.
  • Simple heirarchical grouping of brushes and entities.
  • Build libraries of objects to reuse over and over.
  • Texture alignment tools.
  • Import of .map files.
  • Custom entities.
  • Texture import from .wad files.
  • Limited Subtract and Intersect Brush functions.
  • Search and Replace Brush textures.

    JQT requires MRJ2.0 (or higher) to run. MRJ2.0 is part of MacOS 8.1 and is available from Apple. It's compatible with systems 7.6 & 8.0 too!


JQT Developments.

Get JQT MapEditor v1.10.
PLUS - a Team Fortress Library.

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