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21st. March 1999

Website moves

Here we are at! Sez it all!

MRJ2.1 and JQT

MRJ2.1 Adds a lot of speed to JQT compiles and access to Navigation Services for file i/o. You should journey to and download it ASAP.

20th November 1998

Website Update

Small adjustments to the links page, and a tidy up of the site to account for the new tools.

20th October 1998

Version 1.10 Final

Sadly this'll be the last JQT release for a longish while. Quiver's just too good, it fulfils all my requirements of an editor - the lack of which was my motivation in writing JQTMapEditor.

I'll fix any bugs I get bug reports for - that's only common courtesy, but there'll be no extra features unless you write them yourself. All the source code is there, knock yourself out!

In the meantime I've got other projects going - check out MacQFE The Macintosh way to launch Quake Mods. There are other things in the pipeline too.


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